BESIGHOMES - apartments

Furnished homes: apartments in the heart of Besigheim

In a charming landscape, characterized by unique steep vineyards on Neckar and Enz, lies the town Besigheim, resort and Germany's most beautiful wine village.

Our apartmenthouse with four apartments are located within the historic city center, in a quiet residential area. Each apartment offers modern living comfort, a high quality of stay and an individual ambience with attention to detail.

Discover the historic old town or use the time to explore the surroundings of Besigheim. Cities like Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Ludwigsburg or Stuttgart are not far away and offer you interesting destinations. With excellent access to the public transport, you can easily reach all destinations throughout the region by car, bike or train. And after the journey, enjoy the benefits of furnished living and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Even if you do not permanently move to Besigheim, but only look for a temporary home in Besigheim, there is no reason to do without the comfort of your own four walls. Temporary accommodation is the perfect way to make your stay in our beautiful city enjoyable while enjoying the luxury of a fully furnished apartment. Would you like to know more? Then please note the heading About us.

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